My Franklin Ghost Story

My Franklin Ghost Story It would just be wrong for me to tell you the location of the haunted house that is the subject of this story. After all, more than a few family’s have inhabited the simple salt box style home located within a neighborhood close to bustling downtown Franklin, Tennessee, since my own […]

Twice Enslaved: An Update

Twice Enslaved: An Update 200 year old burials of the enslaved located The inscription below is displayed on a memorial stone at Midway Cemetery, located not far from where these burials lie.  Midway is a preserved African American Slave Cemetery beautifully kept behind a stone wall within a median, with roads on either side in […]

Carrie McGavock; Franklin’s Scarlett

Carrie McGavock; Franklin’s Scartlett Caroline “Carrie” McGavock – 18 Years Old – Portrait by Washington Bogart Cooper Relentless Mourning I’ll never forget the first time I saw the portrait above of Carrie McGavock. Standing amongst others touring her home, I found myself surrounded by antiques, books, china and silver that once belonged to the McGavock […]

Everbright Mansion, Franklin Tennessee

Everbright Mansion “Mrs. Bostick named her home Everbright because of the lamplight she always kept glowing in each of its windows at night, and the sunlight that poured into the rear of the mansion windows every morning.”                      – Nashville Banner, 1951 The story of Everbright mansion […]

Twice Enslaved

Twice Enslaved “Show me the manner in which a nation cares for its dead and I will measure with mathematical exactness the tender mercies of its people, their respect for the laws of the land, and their loyalty to high ideals.” ~Sir William Gladstone Modern day Del Rio Pike The following are only a few […]

Miss Marion’s Home at Creekside

Miss Marion’s Home at Creekside Creekside in Franklin, Tn This story was written for publication on the “Lovely Franklin” website. The following is a narrative based on my summer living at Creekside, the antebellum ancestral home passed down through the McEwen family for many generations. Creekside was the home of Sarah Florence McEwen Adkerson (1846-1867), one […]

For the love of Sallie

For the love of Sallie … Sallie McEwen This story was written for publication on the “Lovely Franklin” website. Who doesn’t love a good love story?  This is the story of Colonel John McEwen and his love for his family, hometown and his legacy.  Real life love stories are oftentimes more brutal and tragic than […]

Eugenia Mandeville

Eugenia Mandeville: Haunting the Mansion on Maple Street A few months ago my family and I took a little trip down to Carrollton, Georgia. We needed a little get away, I love to do research and my husband’s a photographer-so we generally find something interesting everywhere we go! While doing a little research before taking […]

Grandma Vida

Grandma Vida Merrelton Farm In some ways, studying your past is sort of like solving a mystery.  The answers are there, they just have to be uncovered.  In someones old cedar chest is a forgotten family bible, family portraits lay untouched for years in a dusty attic, a misplaced filing cabinet stuffed into the backroom […]

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